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Jai Zhang Artist


                                        Jai Zhang grew up in an artistic family in shanghai. when he was in kindergarten, his grander father and his uncle                                                     taught him how to draw and paint. From then on, he become fascinated with art. He has been studying Chinese                                                         painting and stone caving since he was 11 years old, two years later he began to study western sketches and painting,                                               study under many great artistes in shanghai.


                                                   In 2000 he moved to Ireland and continue to study art in National of Art & Design Dublin for oil painting and sculpture.                                                    Jai’s area of interest is in landscape and portraits. He particularly enjoys working with oil paint and watercolor.  In 2007                                                    a suite of Irish writers’ portrait drawing was sold on auction, and 2009 he’s portrait for Irish actor Gabriel Byrne was accepted in Royal Hibernian Academy annual art exhibition. Many galleries carried he’s art works in Dublin. In 2018 a suite of portraits of all the former Taoiseach(Prime minister) was painted by Jai was sold on Victor Mee Auction for ¢37000. It was both on Irish times and China daily news. He’s work was collect by many private collectors and government agency.


His painting inspiration include Monet, Klimt, John Singer Sargent.


Watercolor is one of the medium of choice for his creative expression. He’s excited about the smooth and vibrant of watercolor and its ability to catch the moment readily that he can share with others.


After years of study, in 2014 after he moved back to shanghai and opened his own studio, teaching people who love art and interesting in painting. He provides various studio classes in drawing, water color, woodcut printing, oil painting, sculpture and ceramic.

Now he move to bay area and continues to create more art works.

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